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Who is Peter Han?

I graduated as a Illustration student from the Art Center College of Design at the end of 2004, and I have been working professionally for the last 10 years in the entertainment industry. I have worked for such studios as Technicolor, Bottle rocket studios, Trion worlds, Sony San Diego, Nexus productions, and several more. I have been able to use my skills of sketching and problem solving in many other fields in the creative industry. Currently I freelance for entertainment projects, showing artwork for galleries, and have taken up more of a passion in teaching the foundations of sketching and design.

What you will find in my shop are my personal Sketchbooks for sale that I mainly use to demo in classes when I teach Dynamic Sketching, which is a foundation drawing class in how to quick sketch from observation. The sketchbooks will range from certain terms over my several years of teaching. Many will be filled with observational sketches, others will include other drawings from my imagination. Not all the books will be filled front to back, but will be up to 80% complete. 

I will also be selling my Prints, art books and Original art through this store so keep checking in to see what is available.Thanks for looking.